Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hope Anglican Church Redecorating

Hope Anglican Church (Oscoda, MI) has completed an entire redo of the interior of their sanctuary and nave;  painting walls, ceiling and all trim.

The new look is significantly brighter and lighter than it was previously. Fr. Tom and Fr. Jeff want to thank the parishoners of Hope for their patience during this process. It was a difficuly chore having to break down all scaffolds and ladders every Saturday to prepare for Sunday's Holy Eucharist. Now we are back to pews instead of chairs.

Stations of the Cross and all other paraments will be re-hung this week.

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Anonymous said...

Looks really wonderful. I think that the original congregations would be delighted with the care taken and the beauty that has resulted.

Fr. Reid Wightman, MSJ
Sherman, TX

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