Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Huge Carbon Footprint - Air Force One Over N.Y.C.

So, who had this great idea?

From time to time, something so preposterous simply begs a comment, even on a blog such as this, which is dedicated to the missionary activities of God's people.

Yesterday, Air Force One, or at least the presidential plane designated if the prez is onboard, took a joy ride over lower Manhattan, terrorizing the 9-11 stricken city.  Fainting, gasping and running from offices, people were forced to endure an interruption in business, costing millions, and risking life, limb and emotional health.  So, why was this done?  For a photo op!!  Really.

Now, no doubt, a lower level staff person will shoulder the blame for this fiasco, but one does wonder just how low level a staffer could be, since they could apparently order Air Force One and a jet fighter escort for this joy ride up from Maryland and back for a morning of sight seeing around New York City.  Hmmmm...

Finally, the "carbon footprint" of this little jaunt was how big?  Let's see, prepping and flying a 747 jumbo, ground support and don't forget the fighter(s), just how much fuel was burned again?   Under cap and trade, I say that the White House must now eliminate an important presidential trip somewhere.  I mean, such an environmentally zealous administration such as this should do no less.

Another option might be to send the M.S.J. a mission support check, for the "trade" portion of cap and trade, for say,.... $600,000. which was the likely total cost of this ill-conceived insanity.  

At least send us the rights to the stupid photo that was snapped.

That's all I have to say about this.

+Frederick G. Fick

Monday, April 20, 2009

Congratulations Fr. Ray!!

Father Ray Zeitz has completed his training as a volunteer chaplain in the Hospice program.  Congratulations and may God bless all those receiving your ministry in the greater Cleveland area.

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