Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Retreat House Produce

The MSJ maintains a retreat house in northern Michigan, located near pristine lakes, deep, dark woods, and nationally recognized streams and rivers. During the past year, dozens of couples, clergy and lay, have spent a few days for rest and renewal. A dozen families have spent some or all of their vacation camping on the grounds or just stopping in for an extended rest period.

What you might not know is that Bishop Fred is an avid organic gardener and guests enjoy the produce these gardens give. "It takes a tremendous amount of work, but I find it as extremely rewarding", said the bishop.

Tomorrow, he will take six bushels of new red potatoes, freezer boxes filled with fresh cut broccoli and cabbage, fresh picked green beans, cucumbers and lettuce, along with a bushel or two of tomatoes to the Emmanuel Mission, an emergency homeless shelter operated by Hope Anglican Church, MSJ, in Oscoda, MI. While such an episcopal visit might seem unusual to some, it typifies the heart, soul and spirit of the Missionary Society.

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