Monday, August 16, 2010

Missions Opportunity

Has the Lord planted a seed in your heart called “AFRICA?” There is a need for two short term missionary teachers to work in Africa late this year, early next year for approximately 4-5 weeks. Fr Francis is going to retire from teaching in Africa. There is a need for two new teachers to work on short term mission trips to East Africa – Tanzania and Kenya. These teachers would work in rural areas teaching ministry education to clergy, postulants and church leaders. This is an exciting opportunity to serve in mission country in Africa and do work that leaves a lasting legacy. Fr Francis served as a missionary teacher while working at a full time job, pastoring a parish, and doing other priestly work. It would be valuable if these new teachers accompanied Fr Francis on the 2010-2011 teaching trip.

Why do this? The Anglican Church is growing significantly in Africa. Often, African bishops appoint and sometimes ordain pastors and evangelists who have no formal ministry education and even minimal secular education, to pastor congregations because leaders are needed. Education later is promised.

Paul did it this way. He appointed leaders and then trained them later by letter. He depended on the Holy Spirit and the early Scriptures. Roland Allen wrote about this practice in his book: Missionary Methods: St Paul's or Ours. This is not to minimize the importance of education - in reality it emphasizes education even more. Paul's letters offer teaching to the ones he left behind. OFM provides ministry education to those whose heart is right and who love and serve God's people.

What is taught: Beliefs, Practices and Teachings of the Christian Church; Ethos of Ordained Ministry; Introduction to the Sacraments; Fundamentals of Sacred Scripture; Introduction to Preaching; Pastoral Theology; Introduction to Liturgy; and other topics, too.

A boat without a rudder on Lake Victoria floats aimlessly as the winds and currents direct. An uneducated pastor is the same. A church without an educated pastor is vulnerable to many false teachings and sometimes makes mistakes that hurt the people. African dioceses often list their statistics in this fashion: 45 clergy, 40 parishes, 85 churches. Many parishes and churches are led by uneducated good people, both ordained and lay leaders, who have worked hard for years. They are eager for education and training. They need you and your education. Will you respond?

If you have some desire to serve or sense a call to serve, please contact the Father General of the Mission Society of St John, The Rt. Rev. Frederick Fick,,

msjanglican "at", 586-264-6044. The Missionary Society of St John is a member of the Missionary Diocese of All Saints.

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