Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opening Eucharist At The COOL Church

Church of our Lord, (COOL) a historic parish of the Anglican North West, is the site of the REC General Council. The old gothic sanctuary could barely seat the over 500 delegates of the opening service of Holy Communion. Supported by a full choir and pipe organ, the hymns were sung with full voice to the glory of God.

Addressing the worshipers was the homilist for the convocation, The Very Rev. Dr. Justyn Terry, Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. Preaching from Galations 1, we learned three things in this opening portion of Dr Terry's week long message.

1. The Gospel is not of man's invention, but is God's revelation (vs 11-12)
2. The Gospel is what transformed Saul, the persecutor into Paul the Apostle (vs 13-17)
3. The Gospel he taught was later confirmed by Peter and apostles (v 18-24)

The Galatians who were questioning Paul's authority needed to be challenged. The true Gospel is not 'You are accepted as you are; many ways to God; not just sin/repentance'.

The true Gospel calls for repentance and the Holy Spirit will transform. The General Council has begun!!

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