Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh! Victoria

The journey was long and through three times zones. The destination was the Reformed Episcopal Church's General Council held every four years. The location was the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. We left Detroit at 9:30 Am and landed at 11:30 AM - but there was a three hour time difference, not in our favor. The American northwest and British Columbia (bring your passports) were magnificent with the mountains in the backdrop. The ferry ride through the Sound was a panorama of sights

16 hours after leaving home, we were finally at the hotel, where we greeted many other attendees. Bishop Royal Grote, bishop of the Diocese of Middle America and head of the Missions Board for the REC; Bishop Richard Boyce bishop of the Diocese of the West, our own bishop visitor.

What was it like? It was exciting! It was anticipatory. You could see it in the faces of all we met. All knew that we are on the verge of the next significant - really historical - step: the establishment of the new Anglican Province in North America. Faithful and evangelical will be marks of the new province. God calls us there. We want to be there. The world awaits the announcement. The GAFCON primate bishops and many other bishops await the announcement so that they may recognize and affirm the new province. We have just barely arrived but we can see it - feel it - sense it. Excitement. More as the Council proceeds in the next three days.

fr francis wardega MSJ
Office of Foreign Missions

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