Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hope Anglican Church

In the far northern town of Oscoda, Michigan, where winter can be bitterly cold and awfully long, Fr. Tom Anderson leads a faithful parish known as Hope Anglican Church. Though blessed with beautiful lakes and streams, Oscoda has suffered from a 15 year economic depression, never recovering from the closing of the area's only major employer, the defunct SAC Air Force Base. Recently, Hope church found a new home, taking up residence at the old Swedish Lutheran church building. Renovations have begun and the parish presently worships in the lovely parish hall as it awaits spring when the work will begin in the old sanctuary. A new roof will go on, thanks to the benevolence of former parishioner of the Lutheran church who was just so thrilled to see the Old Church back in use again, he has already paid a local roofing contractor, in full, for a new roof. Oak pews have already been donated and the parish looks forward to rehabbing the beautiful sanctuary. A move in date on Pentecost Sunday is hoped for. Today, on the coldest Sunday of this winter, Bishop Fick celebrated the eucharist at Hope and reviewed the building plans and construction projects with the parish. The name Hope Church is certainly rich in meaning for Oscoda.

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pop and mama said...

Fr Tom,

God bless you in your challenging ministry today.
I remember you from old CEC days. Have just come under the covering of MSJ after being in the wilderness for awhile. It feels good to be home. NE Ohio just completed a mini clericus this weekend .What a blessing.
FR John Gayer

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