Sunday, February 10, 2008

Emergency Homeless Shelter

But if all that wasn't enough of a challenge, Fr. Tom still oversees the ministry at the former site. Known as Emmanuel Mission, it has operated as the Oscoda Emergency Homeless shelter, the area's only shelter.
Plans include bringing the Emergency Homeless Shelter to the new Hope Anglican campus, once all needed and state required renovations are complete. Laundry facility, showers, kitchen improvements, sleeping quarters must all be built and/or renovated. When asked how all this can be done financially, Fr. Tom and Jackie Anderson will only respond with smiles that betray an incredible faith that God will somehow move upon his people to be generous, for the work that they do and the vision that they have far exceeds anything that one can see in the natural. It will HAVE to get done, because it simply MUST be done. The shelter needs your help in ministering to the homeless. If the Lord is speaking to your heart, please contact Fr. Tom 989-820-7222.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonerful ministry. God bless you all

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