Friday, June 13, 2014

Father General Announces Retirement

Bishop Frederick Fick has announced his retirement as Father General of the Missionary Society of Saint John. As per the Canons and Rule, the Father General has named Fr. Robert Lemmon as Father General Coadjutor, who will serve in that capacity awaiting confirmation as the new Father General at this October’s MSJ assembly.

In announcing his retirement, Bishop Fick stated: “I shall remain a Missioner of St. John, in the bonds of fellowship, community and prayerful support to the end of my days, but that the time has come for a new Father General to lead the MSJ and develop the society’s future as a religious society. Over these past many years, I am humbled and grateful to have shared ministry and friendship with you all, while confessing having felt largely inadequate for the challenges, but your loving support made such a difference as we traveled from our individual and collective histories to where we are today.”  

“It was quite a trip and God made a way for us with incredible provision.  Christ was at work in countless lives being touched, countless people coming to faith, and faith renewed. Christ was in all the work, all the good days and real tough days shared and He was always faithful. So, with the unworthy servant, we say, "We only did our duty" and whatever good things accomplished, lives touched, or seeds planted, all were evidence of the Lord's amazing grace and surely the doing of the Holy Spirit and to Him, with the Father and Son, belong all the glory and honor.”

Father General Fick has served the Society with extraordinary gifts of love, insight, peace, warmth, pastoral care and grace.  His leadership and his life has been a beacon for his fellow missioners. His example set the bar for the rest of us in God’s work. The brothers and sisters of the MSJ honor and give thanks and appreciation to Bishop Fred, and his life of service. His life is his testimony.

Fr. Bob Lemmon, MSJ, Father General Coadjutor, has been Pastor of Christ the King Community in Liberty, KY. since its founding in 2000.  He has been married to Mary, his wife of 23 years and they have 10 children.  He is a talented custom cabinetmaker, is committed to the MSJ and loves Jesus. Fr. Bob earned his B. A. at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, 1991, and his M. Div. at Asbury Theological Seminary, 1995.

All mailings to the Missionary Society of St. John may be sent to:
MSJ, Father General , 4536 South KY 501, Liberty, KY 42539.

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Julie Dunlap said...

Bp Freddrick Fick, Thank you for your faithful leadership. May God bless you in the years of retirement. We are grateful to have Fr. Bob Lemmon named as your successor. He will do a great job carrying on the leadership of MSJ.
Peace of Christ be with you always,
Mrs. Julie Dunlap

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