Monday, May 20, 2013

Episcopal Visit - St. John the Apostle (Clinton Twp, MI)

On Sunday May 19th the people of St John the Apostle Anglican Church of Clinton Township, Michigan were doubly blessed to have Bp William Ilgenfritz (MDAS) and Bp Fredrick Fick (MSJ) join us for our celebration of Pentecost and the Confirmation of nine of our members.  Beginning with fellowship at an informal reception and dinner with the vestry Saturday evening and continuing on to Sunday’s worship with the color red in prominent display, we sang, we prayed, and we worshiped our God and King. 

Six of the nine confirmed had attended weekly confirmation classes since last September.  The other three, as adults, had a less structured approach to their coursework and exam. All were supported by family, friends and sponsors, making the day a reunion of faith expressed and renewal of old friendships. Bp Ilgenfritz preached on the birth of the church at Pentecost being the undoing of the work and curse of Babel. He also took time to personally charge the confirmands to take up as their own the promises made for them or made by them in Baptism.  The luncheon and fellowship that followed provided not only ample food for the journey, but also generous amounts of encouragement and opportunities to get to know our Bishops.

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