Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Invitation to A Holy Lent

As Winter blasts his frigid breath, and Nature sleeps, awaiting Spring, the Church invites us to a Holy Lent. It's a somber call amid a bleak season. Outside, no growth is perceptible; but spiritual roots take their nourishment and medicine, empowering upward growth in due season. 
A certain bamboo grows only one inch per year for four years. During that time, all the growth is in the roots: preparing, drinking, and growing strong underground. When all is ready, in the fifth year, this bamboo grows 80 feet tall in one season! In this example, the natural is pointing to the supernatural. A disciple's growth in the Spirit that all can see comes only after diligent preparation that few see. If you want evident spiritual fruit in your life, you can begin by nourishing your spiritual roots (John 15, Galatians 3).
God builds up your spirit man when you engage the spiritual disciplines that He has appointed in His Word: prayer, fasting, and self-denial; Bible study, self-examination, and service, to name a few. The worldwide Church joins together in these 40 days we call Lent, to prepare our souls and spirits for the remembrance of the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord during Holy Week. 
The Lenten tradition of the Church takes its inspiration from Jesus' 40 days of solitude, prayer, and fasting in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13). Our Lord did this immediately after his public ministry began, as necessary preparation for His ministry to come. He confronted the devil and withstood temptation. As the master, so goes the student. Jesus assumed his disciples would fast and pray (Matthew 6:16). 
We invite you to join us in a Holy Lent.   

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Julie Dunlap said...

Baba Askofu Fick, Yes, we will join you in a Holy Lent! Thank you for the encouraging words.

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