Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prayer Petitions For Lent II, Year B

In faith, let us pray to the Lord, saying….

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

You are God Almighty,

The one who provides his people with a beautiful inheritance.

Keep us from turning aside to other hopes,

For apart from you we have no good thing.

Help us to know the security of your joy-filled presence,

That our lives might be marked by hopeful gratitude.

We give glory to you, O-Lord-Who-Provides,

And we praise you for graciously giving us all things,

Fully convinced that nothing will separate us from your love.

We ask that You would sustain us this week,

And we trust that you are present with us every day.

Give us a hunger for your word,

And help us to make space to listen to you.

We confess our need for you:

For your wisdom and guidance,

For your protection and provision,

For your help and comfort.

In every area of our lives we need you, Lord,

And we ask that you would be our daily portion.

Lord, you know us through and through.

Look in the deep places of our beings, and create in us clean hearts.

Give us a right abhorrence for our own sins.

Help us to be alert and self-controlled,

That we may flee the snares of our enemy.

Reveal areas of unconfessed sin,

And give us godly sorrow that leads to repentance.

Show us where we have withheld forgiveness,

And, because of your great mercy, grant us grace to forgive others.

Deliver us from evil, Merciful Father,

And sustain us with your gracious and bountiful Spirit.

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