Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anglican 1000 Spotlights The MSJ

“At our recently concluded Society Gathering, we were blessed to have Canon Jon Lumanog as our featured guest teacher,” says the Rt. Rev. Frederick G. Fick, “As the MSJ [Missionaries of St. John] gathered for encouragement, refreshment, instruction, worship and fellowship, the Holy Spirit ministered among us, re-charging us for the works He has given us to do. We left our gathering as people more committed and greatly empowered to continue our many works, our church planting, and our witness for our Savior. We were so honored to have Canon Lumanog among us to teach, instruct and inspire us. The messages were most timely as we are launching two new church plants in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and the Lake Villa area of northern Illinois.”

The Venerable Dr. Jon I. Lumanog, the Canon for Provincial and Global Mission for ACNA, was the featured speaker at a recentMissionaries of St. John gathering in Clinton Township, MI. Canon Lumanog brought greetings from Archbishop Robert Duncan and then taught leaders from Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky and Illinois on church planting, community ministry along with overcoming clergy burnout.

The Missionaries of St. John is an evangelical catholic religious order that expresses its rule of life by living out the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the venerable tradition of Anglican missionary societies. The order is canonically resident in the ACNA’s Missionary Diocese of All Saints.

Canon Lumanog recently joined Archbishop Duncan in carrying out the work of the Province with its missionary partners. He challenged MSJ to be a part of the Anglican 1000 movement to raise up 1,000 Anglican congregations and communities of faith across North America to reach people with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

The gathering ended on Friday night with a Holy Communion service led by Bishop Frederick G. Fick, MSJ Father General. It was a spirited time of praise that included a reception of new members. The gathering was hosted by Church of St. John the Apostle in Clinton Township, MI, Fr. Terry Moore, Rector.

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