Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bishop Ilgenfritz Visits St John the Apostle

Bishop William Ilgenfritz, ordinary of the Missionary Diocese of All Saints, ACNA, shared an evening of fellowship and worship at St John the Apostle Anglican Church, Clinton Township, Michgan Wednesday. This was Bishop Bill's first visit to an MSJ parish and what a wonderful introduction it was!! The evening concluded with a celebratory eucharist. In his sermon, Bishop Ilgenfritz reminded the congregation that all baptized Christians are called to ministry and to sharing the Good News in Jesus Christ.

Bishop Bill Ilgenfritz addresses the gathering.

Bishop Frederick Fick MSJ share a word of encouragement.

St. John the Apostle welcoming dinner fellowship.

Bishop Bill preaching.

L to R: Bishop Fick, Bishop Ilgenfritz and Fr. Terry Moore, rector

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