Sunday, June 13, 2010

MSJ and MDAS To Establish Covenant

This week, at the Forward in Faith Annual Assembly, the Missionaries of St John and the Missionary Diocese of All Saints are expected to formally approve a covenant establishing shared ecclesial and sacramental life and mission. Both the MSJ and the MDAS are members of the Forward in Faith family.

Bishop Frederick Fick, Father General of the MSJ says,
"Our Catholic faith compels us and our desire for common mission draws us to the Missionary Diocese of All Saints. Bishop William Ilgenfritz, Bishop Ordinary of the MDAS, has been extraordinarily hospitable and helpful in assisting us in this process. We look forward to continuing our missionary work as part the Diocese. As evangelical Anglican Catholics, our convictions do not permit us to live and work independently."

"We are a religious order, or more accurately, a missionary society with a particular Rule of Life that commits us to daily prayer, sacrificial living and giving, as the Holy Spirit grants us the grace to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. Forward in Faith established the Missionary Diocese as a home, a place to live out our faith witness. How could we not share in what we see as the Lord's calling?"

The MSJ will caucus Wednesday evening at Our Lady of the Snows, Belleville, Illinois as the FiF Annual Assembly opens and delegates are expected to enthusiastically endorse the covenant.

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