Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hope Anglican - Oscoda, MI

Last year, the people of Hope Anglican Church in Oscoda, Michigan settled into, what was for them, a new facility. The parish has been worshiping in the parish hall.

The sanctuary is the oldest church building in Oscoda and the parish faces the enormous challenge of bringing the old church back back into service. Two pallets of roof shingles are stacked in the parking lot awaiting installation next month. A new furnace will need to be installed before winter comes. The interior of the church reflects decorating from the 1950's and had only been used as a youth recreation center before being completely shuttered years ago.

So, where to begin?

Following hours of cleaning, a beginning had to be made somewhere. The high curved ceiling and the walls of the sanctuary draws the eye. The apse was cleaned, patched, sanded and finally painted. The original cross was hung again on the gleaming wall. A beginning.

The original pulpit, altar, reredos, and credence have been carefully preserved and will again be restored to their places.

Faced with a big challenge, it often seems difficult to know where to begin, but a beginning must be made somewhere and so it has at Hope Anglican.

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