Monday, June 30, 2008

New Life In New Mexico

In Los Lunas, New Mexico, (Albuquerque) a budding new mission of the Anglican Province is taking root. Father Marc Wilson lovingly and energetically cares for the burgeoning flock that gathers under the name of Jesus' Evangelical Mission. Yesterday, the "house" was packed to overflowing as the faithful gathered for worship. Bishop Frederick Fick was visiting and joy filled the sanctuary.

Jesus' Evangelical Mission is a very special place; alive with love of children, family and most of all, alive with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Marc says, "As Anglican priests, there is a sense in which we are called to our entire community, not just to the people of our parish".

Moving about the village of Los Lunas with Fr. Marc, it quickly becomes apparent that he seems to know everyone and everyone seems to know him. With contagious warmth and good humor, Marc ministers to everyone he meets as a living vessel of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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