Friday, October 12, 2007

FACA Meeting

The Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas met this week in Summerville. The day long meeting brought together leaders of various Anglican jurisdictions in the United States. The day was very useful in hearing the reports of Common Cause Partners meeting in Pittsburgh. The various bishops introduced themselves to each other and the meeting produced a day of prayer, fellowship and relationship building. We were honored to be involved.

We left the meeting very encouraged by the discussion. Our special thanks to the Southeast Diocese and Canon Ron Moock of the REC for all their hard work in hosting this gathering.

This FACA gathering was said to have been the largest, by far, to date with many new faces and new jurisdictions coming together.

We were encouraged to continue to pray for unity and especially to pray for those bishops, clergy and people in T.E.C. whose intention of standing for righteousness and fidelity in the historic faith is causing them to suffer much stress. Our prayers ascend.

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