Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1549 Book of Common Prayer

The First English Prayer Book is back in print. The very first Prayer Book, now 450 years old, has been re-printed. On a whim, we ordered a copy from Amazon. What a gorgeous little book. Reproduced in a clear, easy to read font, the type face makes this jewel a treasure inside a sturdy and tasteful cover. Yes, the rubrics are really in red. However, the beauty is much more than skin deep. To enjoy the offices of Matins or Compline is to experience the timeless majesty of daily prayer in the Anglican way.

A particular blessing is to read through the Communion liturgy and to discover how one finds the rite as familiar to one's soul, heart and mind as any Prayer Book of more modern use. The rhythm of the text flows off the pages with complete ease.

This first English Prayer Book was the foundation for later versions that would be produced by Anglicans throughout history. To many, none ever surpassed the original.

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